Summer is officially here, and along with it comes higher temperatures, sunny days, and fun in the sun, sand, surf, and sound! While you’re having fun this summer, remember to keep your ears and your hearing safe and protected.

Ear and Hearing Aid Safety In the Sun

The ear is an often overlooked area when applying sunscreen. Make sure to apply sunscreen before sun exposure, and reapply after swimming, sweating, or wiping the ears and hairline. Sunburned ears are especially sensitive.

Higher temperatures also mean more sweating, and for hearing aid users, this can present some challenges. Moisture causes wear and tear to hearing aids - in the electronic components, and in non-electronic components, like filters and tubing. A dehumidifying kit is useful for active hearing aid wearers.

Consultation with your audiologist is the best way to determine the right fit for your needs and your budget.

Swimmers 2Ear and Hearing Aid Safety In the Sand and Surf

Summer means swimming for many people, and water in the ears can be a concern for some individuals, including those who may be prone to “swimmer's ear,” those who have ear tubes, or those who simply don’t like the feeling of water in the ear. A variety of ear bands and swim plugs are available, including semi-custom plugs, and fully custom swim plugs that float when out of the ears, all through our offices.

Most hearing aids are not waterproof, but many newer devices are more water-resistant than they have historically been. This means getting caught in a sudden summer rain is less worrisome than it used to be. Routine maintenance throughout the year will help to keep the hearing aids clear of excessive moisture and debris.

Summer Sound Safety

Hearing loss prevention is an important summertime consideration as well. Fireworks displays, summer concerts and festivals, noisy lawn work, motorcycling, and sporting events can all potentially have damaging effects on your hearing. In an effort to prevent noise-induced hearing loss, multiple types of noise plugs are available. Filtered plugs for music preserve the fidelity of music, while reducing the volume to a safe listening level, and hollow plugs for motorsports reduce wind buffeting, while allowing the rider to hear important traffic noises. And while our hunters tend to take a little bit of a break in Virginia during the summer months, now is a great time to discuss electronic shooters protection before the fall hunting seasons begin.

Together we can help keep your ears and your hearing healthy throughout the summer months!  Contact us today to request an appointment.