Gearing up for another school year presents families with long to-do lists.  Top on the to-do list should be taking care of necessary medical physicals for school and sports.  Making sure your child has the ability to succeed in the classroom and at play is essential.  During routine visits to the pediatrician parents should ask that their child have their hearing checked for a quick screening of potential hearing problems. 

Hearing loss can be caused by different things, ranging from genetics to ear infections and even prolonged exposure to loud noise from recreational sounds, to name a few.  Academic performance can be negatively impacted from even a mild hearing loss.  Parents need to be aware of any issues to ensure that their kids can succeed in school.  Hearing loss can also have unwanted social impacts on a child’s relationships with their peers, as well as behavioral effects in the classroom and at home.

Should a hearing screening indicate the need for further testing, the degree of loss can be determined by an audiologist through a diagnostic evaluation.  An audiologist along with ENT physician, can work with your family to determine the best course of potential treatment and management of the hearing loss.  If hearing aids are warranted, options have increased significantly with extremely small hearing aids that have a wide range of functionality, including waterproof options, connectivity to smartphones and tablets as well as Bluetooth technology.

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