Virginia ENT has a new aesthetic laser, Sciton’s Halo™ - Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL). It’s a fantastic new addition to our list of non-surgical aesthetic offerings. With the Halo HFL, we have a new option for maximizing results and minimizing downtime!

The Halo HFL has both ablative and non-ablative frequencies. What this means is that the Halo laser works at both the top and middle layers of the skin.

Treating the Different Layers of Your Skin

The outer layer, the epidermis, is where the pigmentation of your skin is created. By treating this layer, the Halo can help with fine lines, hyperpigmentation, minor wrinkles, and minor surface scarring and/or sun damage.

The middle layer, the dermis, is where collagen and elastin are manufactured to give your skin its resilient features (e.g., toughness, elasticity, and pliability).   The Halo can be tuned to also affect this layer and inspire new growth of collagen and elastin.

Since the Halo is a fractional laser, it works in small, targeted grids, which means your doctor can be much more selective about which areas of skin are affected. The Halo also reduces both pain and recovery time due to the unique combination of wavelengths. Thus, treatment with the Halo will be less painful, require less recovery time, result in less general redness post-treatment and produce exceptional benefits than what you might expect with traditional lasers. The choice is clear!

What to Expect

 A session with the Halo lasts around two hours. First, we apply a topical analgesic to your skin, which will take about an hour to take effect.   After that, the actual laser treatment will last from 30-45 minutes. You can expect some redness and sensitivity after the treatment, but much less than with other laser treatments.

Your skin will be sensitive for a few days and there may be some swelling after the procedure. Both will dissipate within a day or two and you’ll be able to wear makeup. Within a short period of time your new, improved skin will be visible to you and those around you!