Winter Nosebleeds: Treatment & Prevention

Nosebleeds are a common occurrence, so common that in the United States, one of every seven people will develop a nosebleed at some point in their lives. They’re commonly caused by ruptures of the small blood vessels inside of your nose, and can be fairly frequent. We see them in patients of every age, but are most common in children and older adults.

Chronic Sinusitis Causes and Treatment Options

A stuffy nose, post nasal drainage, loads of congestion - and it’s not even flu season. What’s going on? If you experience these symptoms, along with pain and tenderness in the face, ear pain, an achy jaw and sore throat, you might have sinusitis. If you have these symptoms for more than three months and no treatment is helping, you may be experiencing what we call chronic sinusitis. Let’s take a look at what causes sinusitis and how your ENT physician can help you treat your chronic sinusitis.

The Concerned Parent’s Guide to Ear Tubes

If your child has persistent ear infections or has trouble hearing associated with frequent or chronic ear infections, your pediatrician might suggest seeing an ENT physician for ear tubes. Imagining your child needing any kind of procedure can be scary if you don’t understand the benefits. Understanding what ear tubes are, how they are inserted, what they do and how they can benefit your child is important in feeling comfortable with this simple and effective treatment.