Balance and Dizziness Treatment Done Correctly

The Total Balance Physical Therapy team at Virginia Ear Nose & Throat was created to fill a community void for the prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment of balance and dizziness disorders. Many patients with chronic or acute dizzinessgait disturbances or frequent falls have been told that they have an unexplainable situation. Many patients falsely feel, or are told that, their dizziness and balance loss is a direct relation to their advancing age or that they will be stuck feeling off balance for the rest of their lives. Our team has assembled an evaluation process and the clinical expertise to accurately assess what is causing the problems that people have experienced episodically or on a daily basis.

Vertigo, dizziness and unsteady balance: When is it time for Balance PT?

By Anthony Curtis, PT

Dizziness, unsteady balance, and vertigo can be scary. Patients who experience a sudden or gradual onset of symptoms such as lightheadedness or wobbliness may worry about the underlying cause of their disorientation. Here we will discuss common causes, when to seek medical attention, and what you can expect from a visit to Virginia ENT.