Sinus problems are usually considered seasonal, more prevalent in Spring and Summer.  Winter also causes sinus problems due to cold weather and closed, damp houses without proper ventilation.

At first there is a cold or flu.  This causes the skin inside your nose and sinuses to swell. The swollen sinuses cannot drain properly and mucus starts building up. This trapped mucus becomes the perfect place for bacteria to breed resulting in a sinus infection. You then start to feel stuffed up with persistent headaches, slight fever and other awful symptoms of sinusitis. Winter sinusitis may also be due to nasal polyps or even allergies.

Many people experience the same allergy symptoms that they experience in Spring and Summer. Mold, alcohol, food and artificial fragrances seem to be at the top of the list for winter allergies. Some people find their symptoms are triggered by the Christmas trees because of the mold that grows on them. Many live trees have mold growing naturally on them while artificial trees and the decorations that adorn them may gather mold from being stored away for 11 months.

How to Manage Your Indoor Allergies

Keep humidity levels low - Use a de-humidifier in damp areas of your house.

Get rid of carpets - Carpeting can harbor allergens and dust. An alternative is to keep small rugs (that can be washed and cleaned) throughout the house. If you do not want to get rid of your carpeting, make sure it is cleaned regularly.

Cover your beds and pillows - Cover your mattress and pillows with allergen proof material. Wash your bedding regularly to keep dust mites at bay.

Manage your pets - Keep pets out of your bedroom and use an air cleaner to help dispose of pet dander.

Mold - To avoid your artificial Xmas tree and the decorations getting contaminated with mold store them in a dry place in cartons that are properly sealed. If your tree or its trimmings have already been contaminated or if you are not sure, open the cartons outside and leave them there to air for two or three days before using them.

Food and alcohol - To avoid allergy triggers eat and drink in moderation.

Winter is a time for Christmas celebration, ice skating, snow boarding, skiing and having fun. So don’t let Winter sinusitis get you down!