Neck masses are fairly common findings and are often the source of significant concern. These may occur in children of all ages as well as in adults. Neck masses may be caused by infectious and/or inflammatory diseases, which result in swollen glands. They may also be congenital cysts, which have been present since birth, traumatic in origin (i.e., caused by an injury) or neoplastic disease.

Whatever the cause of the neck mass, a thorough evaluation by a Board Certified ear, nose and throat doctor (an Otolaryngologist) is recommended.

Diagnosing the neck mass can sometimes be made after a simple history and a complete physical examination has been completed in the physician’s office. If additional testing is required it will be arranged. Once the diagnosis has been obtained, your doctor will discuss this and treatment options with you.

Fortunately most neck masses are benign (non-cancerous). Nonetheless it is imperative that all persistent neck masses be evaluated by an Otolaryngologist for diagnosis and treatment.