Assessment & Diagnosis

Falls are the leading cause of injury in older adults. Reducing fall risk is essential to healthy, independent living. At Total Balance, our therapy is designed to assess all aspects of balance, head to toe. Our therapists are skilled in assessing inner ear disorders, visual deficits, musculoskeletal, and neurological problems that may impact balance. Our assessments may include walking tests, questionnaires about daily activities and dizziness, testing with our Smart Equitest Balance Master, and invision testing.

Treatment & Training

Our Smart Equitest Balance Master can perform dynamic computerized posturography testing which is the gold standard for balance testing. The Sensory Organization Test assesses the ability to use visual, vestibular (inner ear), and somatosensory (foot and ankle) information for balance performance. Other tests can provide information on weight shifting abilities and motor responses to surface changes. The information from this testing allows for individualized program development based on individual deficits.

In addition to the Smart Equitest, our gym is fitted with Solo Step tracks which allow patients to walk and perform activities with use of a harness system to prevent falls and provide confidence during therapy. Removing the fear of falling is valuable to training and balance recovery. It also allows our therapists to focus on cueing patients and guiding them towards independence and safety with mobility and balance.

As therapy progresses, and for our higher level patients, we have a pneumatic harness system over our treadmill that can provide body weight support as needed to reduce or allow increased freedom of movement and return to weight bearing after injury or if pain is limiting.

If you have anymore questions about our Balance Therapy treatments, training or procedures, please contact us or call us today at (804) 484-3700