Assessment & Diagnosis

Unsteady Gait

Unsteadiness can be caused by a variety of factors and can increase risk for falls or mobility to perform mobility safely. Our complete assessment of gait includes fall risk assessment, quantitative tests, gait quality assessment, and determination of need for assistive device support. Treatment may consist of training with use of Solo Step device for support and safety in a harness system, treadmill training (harness system available), stair training, curb training and assistive device instruction.

General Gait Training

Therapy can also help with improving posture, balance, walking speed, and safety related to falls. Our Solo Step overhead track systems provide comfort and support for patients while our therapists assist with gait training. Our highly trained therapists can determine the need for assistive devices and help restore walking to the highest level on all types of surfaces and under varied conditions. Our pneumatic harness system over our treadmill allows therapists to control speed and also help focus on proper gait technique.

Treatment & Training

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