While any hearing loss diagnosis can be challenging, working with the audiologists and physicians at Virginia ENT will make finding a viable solution easy and effective

Because there are different types of hearing loss, hearing aids might not always be the best solution. That’s why a full diagnostic hearing evaluation is critical in identifying and properly diagnosing your specific condition. In the event that your hearing loss requires hearing aids, one of our audiologists can assist you in finding the right device for your specific needs.

What is a Hearing Aid?

A hearing aid is a computer chip that processes sound to make it louder. In the past, hearing aids functioned linearly, meaning they amplified all sounds equally. Thanks to the widespread use of digital sound processing, today’s hearing aids can be fine tuned across the entire frequency range. Therefore the hearing aids can be programmed to correct the specific deficit in each ear. Audiologists then have the ability to match patients with the correct type of hearing aids considering their  lifestyle, hearing loss, and price point.

There is a range of how sophisticated the different kinds of hearing aids are. Some are more adaptive (i.e. they adjust themselves for you based on the sound environment) and others are more manual (i.e. are more basic and give you more control over what sounds are louder than others). The audiologists of Virginia ENT are best able to determine the right option based on each individual patient’s needs.

Finding The Right Hearing Aid

At Virginia ENT, helping our patients find solutions to their hearing problems is a big part of what we do. And because getting a hearing aid is a very individualized process, the service and support you receive will help make the transition much easier.

Hearing aids at their core are pieces of equipment that help you hear better but we focus on the evaluation process and ensuring you feel comfortable while wearing them. Our goal is to connect with each patient and foster a relationship so we can have an open dialog about expectations and options while being part of the planning process for what to do moving forward.

We begin with an evaluation of your hearing, which includes a full diagnostic evaluation where each ear is tested independently. Beyond just your hearing, we asses your middle ear and your auditory system as a whole to determine if there’s anything else that may be contributing to your hearing loss. You will meet with an audiologist, a professional who is trained to be able to identify your hearing issues and discuss your hearing problems, lifestyle, goals, and what a tailored fitting for hearing aids will include.

Beyond The Hearing Aid Fitting

Since Virginia ENT is a medical practice, getting fitted for hearing aids is one piece of an all-encompassing service. Our interactions with you don’t end when you have the equipment and walk out of the door. That’s just the beginning.

Our audiologists understand all of the complex feelings and questions that you may have associated with hearing loss. We also understand that everyone’s experience will be unique: No two people will be affected in the same way, face the same challenges, or will have to make the same decisions on how to manage their hearing loss.  

We want to not only fit you with the right hearing aids but also educate you on the different hearing aid options prior to choosing and ensure long-term success with your selection.